There are several brands of laser printers that are known for their reliability, including:

1a. Fuji Xerox / FUJIFILM: Fuji Xerox now rebranded to FUJIFILM has a reputation for producing high-quality printers that are both reliable and efficient. While they may be more expensive than some other brands, Fuji Xerox / FUJIFILM laser printers are known for their long-lasting performance and quality output.

1b. Lexmark: Lexmark is another brand known for producing reliable laser printers that are designed with business use in mind. They offer a range of printers, including multifunction devices and high-volume printers.

2. HP: HP is one of the most popular brands of laser printers, and their printers are known for their high-quality output and durability. HP offers a wide range of laser printers for both personal and professional use however their running costs are expensive compared to other popular brands.

3. Brother: Brother's laser printers are known for their reliability, and they offer a wide range of printers for personal, home office, and business use at an affordable price.

Ultimately, the most reliable brand of laser printer will depend on individual needs and preferences.


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